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Why FlyPilot

No check-in lines

No need to wait in long check-in lines, be at the airport only 15 min before

Comfortable ride

We guarantee you a pleasant and comfortable ride, in any aircraft on FlyPilot

Fast and flexible

Our planes can land on small airports, giving you freedom to choose where to go

Simple and easy

Book a plane in 30 seconds with our 3 step booking system

Secure payments

Our integrated payment system by Stripe is secure and reliable

Safety first

We personally visit every operator we work with, to ensure all safety standards are met

How it Works

Choose your flight

Select origin and destination airports

Select date and time

Choose when you want to depart

Book your plane

Select your plane and insert your payment details


Enjoy the flight and review the operator (coming soon)

Get more of your fleet

List your aircraft or air taxi service with FlyPilot

Your aircraft will never sit for weeks in the hangar again


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